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            “She’s just incredible, and such a lovely person as well….Chrissie’s just got                something about her, something really charismatic and wonderful”                             

               - Adam Crowther, BBC Radio Bristol


                               “Honestly one of the best vocals I've heard in a long time.”

                                                                                 - Mustafa Mirreh, Tap the Feed

       “Not only talented, but actually doing something useful with her music”
                                                                                                                                  - Christine Muir, SUSY Radio





Combining strength and vulnerability, passion and empathy, and optimism and realism- Chrissie Huntley is the glow of sunshine that transforms the rain into celebrated rainbows of truth, strength, authenticity and freedom. Passionate about inducing an inclusive and accepting community filled with peace, love and music, Chrissie is the best friend you just haven’t met yet.

In 2017, Chrissie developed a debilitating anxiety disorder, preventing her from leaving the house and going to work. She decided to make a change- quit her job, move to Bristol and start studying music full time. For Chrissie music has been her freedom of expression, eliciting her own truth, empathy and mental security. Through her music, Chrissie hopes to inspire others to feel openly and unashamedly, and grow stronger and happier in the process.

Her first single ‘If Only I Could’ graciously took on the task of raising awareness surrounding the subject of mental health, recognising that it’s ok and normal not to be happy all of the time. ‘Shift’ magazine described the song as ‘a beautifully written, poignant ballad that so gracefully discusses the hardship of depression and anxiety’, and Chrissie’s campaign ‘Let’s Talk About It’, raised nearly £500 for ‘Mind’ Mental Health Charity.

Now? Her musical mission is simple- to make people just a little bit happier.

Just like a sleepover with your best friends- talks of falling in love, break ups (we’ve all been there...), life-long friendships, and a bucket load of pampering and self-love- Chrissie’s music covers it all (except maybe the pillow fights).

Influenced by the likes of Lake Street Dive, Eryn Allen Kane and Lianne La Havas, Chrissie’s music spans from infectious, funk-filled sing-alongs, to melodic and relatable R&B ballads filled with soul and raw emotion. Chrissie’s effortless vocals along with her powerful backing band create a warming and spellbinding soundscape, guaranteed to have your ears captivated from the very first note.